PHP Developer

Craiova, DJ, Romania

Required skills:

3+ years of experience for Standard/Regular

5+ years of experience for Senior.

Strong knowledge of PHP

Experience with Laravel or Symfony - 2+ years

Strong knowledge MySQL or PostgreSQL (or any other RDBMS)

Experience building RESTful APIs

Understanding of OOP and design patterns

Good problem solving skills

Ability to use English on a daily basis



Taking initiative and being inventive

Suggesting ideas for improving the process and achieving better results

Strong analytical skills

Excellent interpersonal communication

Good ability to work with people

Project description:

We have a legacy PHP product that has not been kept up to date with respect to its dependencies. It is currently built on PHP 7.3 and we would like to upgrade this to the latest version of PHP. Before we do this however it is necessary to update other dependencies that the newer versions of PHP no longer support. A rough plan for this is as follows though this plan will be refined in collaboration with the PHP developers we take on:

Fix Unit tests - ensure all composer 2 compliant

-> Upgrade Guzzle

-> Update to composer v2

-> upgrade Symfony

-> upgrade PHP

To help us with this we are looking for 2 developers who have at least 3 -5 years of commercial PHP experience. They will be integrated with and supported by an existing team. Our expectation is that the bulk of the work will be completed by these developers but they will be part of our regular sprint cycles and will participate in all our sprint ceremonies

These developers will help our team with the update of RMM to use the latest version of PHP. This will necessitate the update of a lot of dependencies within RMM that are no longer supported by the latest version of PHP. The desired end-state is for all RMM dependencies to be at the latest version.

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