Planning, Forecasting and Traffic Monitoring Specialist w/English

Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
The Planning, Forecasting and Traffic Monitoring Specialist reports to the Planning, Reporting & Operational Improvement Manager and is responsible for:
The creation of schedules for the Staff and the prediction of interaction volumes on long-, mid- and short term. (S)He makes sure that a sufficient amount of Agents is staffed to handle incoming and outgoing interactions in order to safeguard the agreed metrics of the operations.
Distributing the incoming and outgoing traffic (written and spoken) in order to ensure that specific metrics are safeguarded. The metrics, which are agreed with our client, are Service Levels Calls, Written and Tickets, as well as Abandon Rate and Employee Satisfaction. Through adaptations in the schedules and tasks (S)He balances the load throughout the whole Contact Center operation.

Contributing to the requested operational targets such as Service Levels for Calls, E-mails & Letters and Tickets as well as Abandon Rate and Employee Satisfaction.
Detecting ad-hoc trends and adapting schedules and workflows on the spot.
Noticing short, middle and long-term tendencies and suggest improvements.
Supporting the PR&OI Manager with clear and concise advice, based on incoming and outgoing traffic.

Safeguarding operational targets via live monitoring of KPI’s.
Ensuring the Agents arrive on time and are logged in correctly.
Ensuring Agents respect the rules with regards to the working hours and communicate with the Team coach when appropriate.
Ensuring correct staffing at all times.

Planning and organizing
Team work
Stress management
Very good communication skills
Excellent English (written and spoken)
Excellent MS Office knowledge
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