The Perfect Match - Finding “The One” in Recruitment and Romance

💖The Perfect Match - Finding “The One” in Recruitment and Romance 💖

Happy Valentine's Day from Easy Consult team. As the world prepares for 14th of February and people are planning romantic dates with their significant others, we can’t help but wonder “Have you ever considered the fascinating similarities between the art of matchmaking in dating and recruitment?”

What do we mean? Well.. Both dating and recruitment revolve around finding ‘the one’ – whether it's the dream partner to spend your life with or a candidate seeking the ideal employer (or vice versa). With recruitment, just like when dating, you need to make sure the job is the perfect match. There’s no point going for that second date (*cough* interview) if you didn’t click on the first, right? At Easy Consult, we find the best candidates and match them with great job opportunities and the right employers. This Valentine's Day, let us help you find the career love story you've been dreaming of. 💕

Join us as we explore a few similarities between the worlds of recruitment and dating below.

  1. Seek Guidance 💗

Sometimes we all need a little help from Cupid (or from a Recruiter).  Whether dating, hiring the perfect candidate or finding your dream job, we all need a little helping hand sometimes. Like a friend or a relationship coach can help you navigate the dating world, our Flexible Workforce Management solutions experts can help you navigate the job market. Our team of career consultants will work with you to understand your skills, experiences, and career goals and connect you with companies that are a great match for you.

  1. First Impression Matters 💗

The importance of first impressions is undeniable in both dating and job search. Whether it’s a good CV or LinkedIn profile or a profile on a dating app, the rules that apply are the same. To boost your chances of securing a date or, in the world of recruitment an interview, ensure your profile showcases your best qualities. The first thing an employer or recruiter will learn about you will come from your CV, so if it doesn’t do you justice, they won’t suggest a meeting. Likewise, employers try to attract potential hires by creating the perfect first impression through job descriptions and strong Employer Branding that will have candidates interested for the job.

*Keep in mind – First Impression matters, and you are both trying to impress one another!

**Top tip - Your Recruiter knows the employer so can give you tips on how to impress. Make the most of this!

  1. Love at first sight 💗

When a recruiter reviews your CV, you aim for the “Love at first sight” effect. The first 15-20 words of your resume are critically important and it is a fact that recruiters receive hundreds of CVs every day and spend less than a minute to read one. You need to make it perfectly clear in the summary that you have what it takes to get the job done. Make sure your CV is tailored to the role you’re applying for, and highlighting your skills and qualifications. No need to worry! We are here to assist you in creating the ideal CV.

  1. The First Date (The Interview) - It’s all about the spark 💗

Similar to a first date, the initial interview can feel awkward and nerve-wracking. Have you ever been on a date with someone who seemed perfect on paper but you lacked chemistry in person? They may possess all the right qualities – humor, politeness, charm, good appearance – yet there is no spark. This same scenario goes to job interviews - while everything may seem ideal on paper and during phone discussions, meeting face-to-face can reveal you are not the right fit for one another. You may meet all the criteria in terms of qualifications and experience, but if you don't match the company's culture, you probably won’t get the job. With recruitment, just like when dating, you need to make sure the job opportunity is the perfect match. There’s no point going for that second date (*cough* interview) if you didn’t click on the first.

  1. Don’t go on (bad) blind dates 💗

Prevent your initial interview from feeling like a bad blind date. Prepare yourself in advance and gather information and details about the interviewer, the company, and the company’s culture through your recruiter and LinkedIn network. Don’t be afraid to show off your passion and enthusiasm for the job in the interview. A little research can make a difference and a great impression to the hiring manager.

  1. Make a list 💗

Create a list of the "perfect company" for you. To successfully find a partner or advance in your career, it's crucial to be specific and honest about your goals and take a proactive approach. While patience is valuable, taking action leads to greater outcomes. Having a clear set of objectives increases your chances of attracting a lasting relationship or landing your dream job. Start by defining your desires and areas of compromise - knowing what you want and what you are willing to compromise on. Just like people do have preferences and dealbreakers in relationships, create a similar list for your job search. 

Recruitment, much like dating, really is a matching game. And here at Easy Consult, we take pride in being rather good at it. Matching the best candidates with their perfect job roles and top employers! It’s all about connecting great organizations with even greater people! We are transforming lives and establishing (professional) long-lasting connections all year round. Happy Valentine's Day from Easy Consult! 💕


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