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Касиер (банкова институция)
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
OTC with French
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
AP Accountant
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
Kommissionierer (m/w/d)
Pliening, BY, Germany
iOS Mobile Application Developer
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
Solution Sales Executive
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
DevOps Engineer
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
Deck & Engine Rating for cargo ships
Hamburg, HH, Germany
Търговски Представител
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
Customer Support Representative with French
Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria

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For more than 15 years, Easy Consult has been a trusted partner in providing tailor-made HR solutions in variety of fields. During the last couple of years, we have built expertise and streamlined our services to accommodate the industry’s specific needs of variety of dynamic economic sectors.

Attention entirely dedicated to you

Support from a professional career consultant

Access to variety of positions

Helpful advice for your CV, the processes of searching and applying for a job

Rapid and tangible feedback throughout the entire application process

Support with the preparation of documents for job applications and your new work


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"WE SELL WHAT OTHERS DON'T HAVE". Rapid recruiting makes it difficult for competitors to gain traction against us. We sell speed, within all our processes.


It's easy the happier you are with the brand, the longer you stay with them. Experience is the key of the entire customer and candidate services. We burn for our jobs, our people, our aims and vision.


We are a strong team. We know each other since manyyears. We trust each other, wecan discuss with each other. Weknow, that we a we strengtheneach other's back.


We are not satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly working to increase the value of our company and our services.

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